Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Moar Interactivez

Hey, look! I made that!

What that is, in it's poor quality you-tube uploaded glory, is a recording of me messing about with my designed digital cellular mirror. Mm, delicious DV & youtube compression has gotten rid of the crispness of pixels and colour that flood the screen, but what's really important is to focus on the tempo of tonal shifts and distortion. Mimics heartbeats! Or it does, in theory...

I can't sleep. Blah!

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In The Crying of Lot 49 they visit "The Scope," a bar with "a strict electronic music policy," and a hang-out for the Yoyodyne corporation's "electronic assembly people." Inquiring on a "sudden chorus of whoops and yibbles" coming out of "a kind of jukebox," Oedipa is told: "'That's by Stockhausen, the early crowd tends to dig your Radio Cologne sound. Later on we really swing."

he was a shaman, not a loman.
nicely done, though i take umbrage with his views on "repetition" in music, as you know, having listened to him over and over in the womb. (you, not me. well, i was listening to it to but you were in the womb. i was just in the room.)