Friday, 4 April 2008

Hear Hair

Boy, aged 3, banned from nursery school over haircut.

It looks sweet on him, even if it is kinda chavy.
Who cares about hair? Middle class England.

I was refused a job at Waitrose, here in my posh middle class new money commuter town. Straight up told I wouldn't be hired, because of my extreme haircut.

Aesthetic discrimination is bizarre.

I took photographs back in December, when I applied for the job.
Would you let me stock shelves and ring you up for luxury food products?


fp said...

Outrageously stupid, they are. That's a great haircut. But see, that's how they get us. We start talking about our rights and privileges to wear our hair as we please, and we end up ignoring the revolutionary imperative. Seems to me there are two ways of leveling the opportunities. We can go big for progressive taxation and entitlement programs that redistribute the wealth, or we can tear down the privileged set until they'd welcome a meal at our table.

Where is Madame la Guillotine when we really need her?

fp said...