Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hey, you.

When I'm not out there, single handedly undermining the entire field of psychology, I've found a little time to do other things.

No particular order:

  • Submitted illustrations for Awkward Magazine.
  • Wrote a dissertation: Crafting Grotesque Surfaces - Blood, Skin & Synthetics in the work of Eva Hesse, Orlan and Laura Splan.
  • Moved back to London; I live in an estate maisonette surrounded by pretty Georgian townhouses. It reminds me to keep my place.
  • Get rejected from a lot of jobs; but there is hope that I might become a PA in a fashion design agency. This relies on if I am stylish enough. Cue brass band and party hats.
  • Cut my hair & coloured it grey. Ultimate success.
  • Graduated University with first class honours.
  • Cooked awesome meatballs for an American hardcore band called Logic Problem.
  • Been to a lot of shows.
  • Disliked a lot of shows.

  • There is some other stuff too, but why bother?

    You might be interested to know that I have recently started posting on tumblr; I find it... Better? I can host images there, and it seems pretty swell so far.

    Follow me there, at the celebrated Biannual Heist Review.