Saturday, 10 March 2007

Ah yes, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm a 20? y.o. university student from the UK, studying arts officially (digital video & 'interactive design') and computer science unofficially. I like sociology, simulated violence, sarcasm and technology.

I care about online social etiquette, video games, reactive media, kicking ass, women in tech art 'n sci, history, and a boatload of other things.

Recently I have been studying the effect of youtube on media exchange & communication, alien abduction as an issue of consciousness, and my ability to sleep 14 hours a day.

At one point or another I wanted to become a computer science major -- but because I was home-schooled and lacked official qualification, no universities (Manchester, Dundee, Greenwich, Kings College, Goldsmiths, Edinburgh) would consider me as an applicant. So I fucked off to art school.

So now in my spare time I attempt to figure out electrical engineering and computer programming by myself, and here's where I want to document my vain attempt at gettin' me some lernin'.

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