Sunday, 11 March 2007

Music for Squid

Lately, and I don't know why for, I've found myself becoming more and more attracted to listening to harpsichord / keyboard concertos - just, not organ. I don't know why the organ pulls me the wrong way, just it does.

I've been watching Glenn Gould perform, going through all the footage I can find -- and listening to Classical FM / Baroque internet radio when writing, or researching, or reading...

Only I don't know where this sudden infatuation comes from. For the past year typically I've been listening to folk, indie and industrial. I just got, mm, bit by something and now all I want is Bach.

Although I lie; I heard O Ecclesia by Hildegard von Bingen sung by a choir. There is nothing like Latin love poems chanted in vaulted ceilings to make your hair stand on end.


O', and here's an angry Humboldt Squid.


Sometimes I think I should join a choir, and chant about cephalopods in Latin.


madame said...

The girl started to have visions of luminous objects at the age of tree, but soon realized she was unique in this ability and hid this gift for many years.

obviously written by one of your milkmaid ancestors.

madame said...

just saw the photo. it didn't come up yesterday on my maChine. i seem to remember someone begging for a pet lobster for, oh, say two (2) whole years.

you should be listening to more Mr.Pinchers

cheer up charlie.

Kei Mars said...
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Kei Mars said...

You'd like "Concerto for trumpet, viola and vampire squid in Z Flat Minor", a little known and long thought lost chamber piece by Georg Telemann

(It's Miss K)