Thursday, 28 June 2007

Links For This Hour

Lunch in a Box
I know my avid dislike for mommybloggers (sorry homies; nothing personal) stems from my post-adolescent interior revolt against my inner mother-complex, but I can gleefully look past the oh-so-cute bento lunch for Little Angel #192837 because I think, despite it's overly-attentive-to-juvenile-cuteness-ness, they all look fucking awesome, and I love tiny food. I have no beef (hur hur) with the blog. Just now I want galaktoboureko and octopus balls (hur hur).

Tori Amos: Yes Anastasia
I am not, in general, a big Tori Amos fan -- I like her, like her projected essence, but her music doesn't make me into an avoid fan-girl. When I was about eleven or twelve years old, I went to school with a girl named Laura Bogart who was 16 or so (anyone over 13 was 16 or so in my head at the time...) who was fucking obsessed with Tori, and so I think in a bid to distance myself from Laura, who was like a mother elephant defending her fandoms (she hated copy cats...), I never got too into the music. Anyway. Every now and then I get a hankering to listen to Yes Anastasia, and for hours at a time I'll listen to it on repeat. Today is one of those days. The video is not the original video, obviously, but it has a great photo montage of Anna Anderson Manahan aka the girl who said she was Anastasia Romanov. Beautiful.

Saint Stephen - via Wiki
Saint Stephen. I had to look him up earlier, in a bid to do writing where a character, when asked if he was stoned, replied as Saint Stephen. Bad, I know, I know. But the dude was pretty strange. I love reading the stories of Saints -- and more so, I love looking at iconography of saints themselves. The National Gallery has my favourite collection of paintings of Saints, some of which you can see in their online gallery. My favourite there is St. Sebastian by Honthorst. Like most paintings, the photo does not do it justice. I've spent hours standing in front of that painting, copying it in my sketch book to little avail. It's breathtaking. I yelled at a school marm ushering children through the gallery once when I was sketching it -- the noise of the children didn't bug me, but she was going shhhhhsh! shsssssh! like some sort of fucked kettle, and it made me get all rabidly anti-authority.

The Triptych Convention - report on pharmaceutical con.
I went looking for a picture of a mean faced orange cat and I got sent here. It's a visitors account of a convention in the Netherlands (in 2002), which goes on describe discussions and talks that were had on schizophrenia, drug use & similar. It's oddly humane, and an interesting insight into the way the psychiatric community communicate to each other. Also; as I am a (jack off) Jill-of-all-trades, I take a special interest in learning about psychiatric theory and suchlike. I am an information addict. Do you think that will be in DSM-V? The strangest line from the piece to me, was attributed to Richard Bentall, a professor of psychology at Manchester; he said: It is has been demonstrated that when a patient doesn’t benefit from one neuroleptic, he won’t benefit from any. The search for the right drug is senseless. How strange.


And that's a slice what I've been looking at in the past few hours.

Food Blogs are big on my list ATM, because I'm trying to figure out what the hell I should make for dinner. I won't deny it - I'm a real secret domestic, as much as I'd deny it in front of most people, I really like cooking. Like a lot. Last night? Made a cake. A banana cake with cream cheese coconut frosting. Because I could. I had a slice. It was awesome. My Asshat:Talent ratio is high enough where if I was rude to you, some of the cake would make you forget.


fp said...

I remember a visit to the county fair when Ben and Matt were somewhere around 12 - 14. The pampered piggies were lying about on their straw, all clean and intelligent looking -- we would have taken one home for a pet. Ben went vegetarian for quite a while following that outing.

All of which is offered in the context of disremembrance regarding your own eating preferences and the need to share a wonderful recipe left some time ago in he comments on my blog. If you can't use it, then perhaps you can pass it on to some meat eaters:

Pork should always be well done. This is easy to do with the fast-cooking well-lubricated flesh of a young porker. At moderate temperature, 350B:F, an 200-pound pig, stuffed, will be done in forty hours. It will feed up to 150 people. Handling it in the kitchen will take ten pairs of hands.

You will need:
A dressed pig (The pig should have clean ears and be free of hair. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.)
Bread, 20 pounds sliced
Yellow onions, 10 pound
Butter, 60 tbsp
Dried sage, 30 tsp crumbled
Eggs, 25
Cider, 10 cup
Parsley, 6 cups chopped fresh
Ground nutmeg and mace
White flour, 20 tbsp
Cranberries, 10 cup whole
Large red apple
Garnish: parsley, cress, celery leaves, or evergreen boughs

At serving time remove pig to large platter or board. Tie on a cranberry necklace and place cranberries in eye sockets. Prop mouth open with a shiny red apple. Garnish platter with greens.

J.Black said...

Frank, our Aunt Hentic would be proud.

I'm what you'd call a whateverist. I will eat whatever is given to me, but typically I do not buy meat products (or bread for that matter...) because , eh, I can't afford the nice local organic butcher.

But next time I have a free dressed pig, I will remember this -- and I will use it wisely.