Monday, 11 June 2007

Music Is My Imaginary Friend!

So I'm listening to a little Peaches (t.y. link to song: Set It Off) at the moment, due to a rather wonderful series of events which reminded me that I like her because she's so fucking bold.

Explicit, vulgar and ambiguous - I feel like it's both a mockery and an embrace towards the stupidly over sexualised and fictitiousness of pop music videos and sex in general. It takes some fucking guts to shake your ass in pink y-fronts and fishnets, which by the end of the video show untamed hair poking out.

There has to be a German word for the aura of Magnificently Grotesque, as there seems to be a German word for every other awesome in-between adjective. Wait, are resonant feelings/impressions/vibes adjectives? Could this one be in this case?

There they're their.
Know knead two bee whirr Eid.

Anyway, I'm listening to Peaches as the transition period before I fall into my fresh assortment of Sisters of Mercy that I will partake in whilst reading my newly acquired book, The Children of Húrin.

Aw yeah, it's gonna be awesome.

But here's a question: who can tell me about the representation of the 1950s Housewife in gay cinema? Specifically of the 80s and 90s? I've been finding all these clips, you see, of drag film segments all put together -- and I just can't get over it. I'm going to write a bigger post about it soon, as I have been saving the resources for a week+ now -- I just wanted to know if there were any articles on the subject that I was overlooking, any artists...

Now, because I'm not yet in the ring to fight about how awesome I am for pimping myself on the internets & gaining cartooning ability by loosing my sense of humour, I'm gonna go read & SoM it up.

Gimme the ring!
My precious!


bmobmobmo said...

You needn't torture yourself with Tolkien. Why are you punishing self like this?

J.Black said...

Because I am a literary self harmer and a closet goff, of course.

But c'mon, homes! If you think I could do better in the relam of absurdly over detailed fantasy that involves epic journeys and fantastical creatures written in a formal and pleasant style, by all means, enlighten me!

bmobmobmo said...

try thomas friedman

bmobmobmo said...

as pleasant as balogna on white.