Friday, 20 April 2007

In Which I Steal Time

I am an awful eavesdropper. Like really bad.
Often times during workshops, 2nd and 3rd years from my course come in to talk to my lecturers, and I constantly find myself overhearing them discussing their projects.

Its like art espionage.

Somebody is undergoing a project which involves light levels in a wind tunnel that are adjusted via sound levels taken off analogue readings. My greedy mind soaks it all up. These are the kind of projects I like to think about. Sound, vision, interaction. Resonance of actions -- chaos theory -- me leaving a book by mistake in Waterloo, it gets picked up by a courier who gets so involved he forgets to send off a dossier to a translator in the City, causing a war to break out between two factions of Italian shoe makers. That kinda stuff.

I've been terribly ill lately, hence why I haven't been posting. Instead I've been playing games and going to classes obediently.

Stolen blog time -- back to focusing now. More information later.


fp said...

If you are the young woman with tonsillitis, I may have a t-shirt for you soon.

madame said...


i'm pretty sure she was diagnosed with tonsilitis, not tonsillitis. blog neighbour.

in other news: one of MariG's mice has escaped to run away with a wild French country house mouse who has been visiting the cage for the past couple of weeks and MG is beyond distraught. please send her an allegory laden email. ASAP.

fp said...

madame and mademoiselle,
I have handcrafted a blog post illlustrating the medicall condition and inserted tags in honour of madame's spell checkeur and the romantic rodents.

madame said...

i wood apriceate it if u wood take this argumment somewere else ffrankly. i for 1 think its very very un-fare too yuse my dotters accademic blog 4 ur owen porpoises. I am trying to be resspectfull. i wish you woud esctend us the same curtesy. thanks.

fp said...

I think now you see the danger of opening up your private lives to the carrion-eaters lurking just the other side of the pixelated screen (yes, of which I am one). In one brief 24 hour period it has come to this: one dottir is down with a throat condition and may never sing with the Met, one has lost her beloved pet, you have been attacked by anonymous librarterrians and were almost knocked unconscious by Larousse -- and a moose appeared in unfortunate juxtaposition with the portrait on a drama queen (unnamed). "And a moose" rhymes with "animus," and a ma of course is what you ahh.

Please don't force me to further ax of incivility.

Sorry, must run and check in on the "last comment" contest. Haven't had so much fun for ages.

Larousse and a moose... I crack myself up. Maybe I'll drop into the local McDon't for a frite petite while I'm on my way.

Does anybody else feel the urge to engage in "plucking" behavior? Maybe it was all those McNuggs.

J.Black said...

I am very disappointed in all of you.

(PS: win me that shirt yo.)

bmobmobmo said...

Back to the point:

EVing. Much hooked on it. I had two sessions this week Two private school moms on the early train - couldn't help but hear her (one of). Yelling at her seat mate the details of her life, yelling into her roaming electronic palmphone at her special son all concerned, him, out there on the other end, sob story, taking her for a ride. And two builders from each end of the construction spectrum conversing and me going I am poor.

It's wild. It's like a strange fever dream.

And then there's the woman who cackles at her own jokes. I was drawn to her laughter, wanted to know what it was that caused this loud sudden burst - I listened. She was laughing at her own one-liners and comebacks.

I travel with a thermometer. Coversations are another matter entirely.