Monday, 9 April 2007

Purposefully Idle


In France with La Famille - terribly tired, and filled with sugar.

Haven't been able to write a coherent sentence in days and days, and I blame it all on being constantly surrounded by other chattering humans who're typically demanding of my time and energy. Plus my own lack of purpose.

I tried to write about how I want to start making shoes, how when I was seventeen I worked for a video game company, and how recently I've had a bad haircut that makes me look like a German fighter pilot -- but nothing is flowin' from these typing (85 wpm) hands.

Oh wait; 45 minutes distracted by else blogs. I'm sorry baby, I was making fun of other peoples stupid hair.

Easter: A Japanese horror triptych interpreted as the cat-and-chipmunk archetypes.

Just a little sleepy.

In Other News:

I am totally considering rocking up to the Woman in Games conference in Newport, South Wales next week. Can I afford it? Hells no -- but if they'll consent to sell me a ticket on Tuesday, I'l be there on Thursday morning.

I may have to email them, to confirm if that's a possibility.
Otherwise I might not go at all.

What, me idle minded?


[EDIT: oh I could have it so much worse]


fp said...

A week has passed. You may be preparing a new post. But if not, and you are stuck for something to write about, could you render the kinetics, the facial dynamics, the raw physical expression of your early acting experience as text? Could you translate the Tupperware lady offering cookies into a blog post?

sailingkiwigirl said...

Yea Jess. git off ye ass