Saturday, 28 April 2007

J0 man(ga).

This is for my mother.

By Mckenzee,j0. Props.


I <3 comix -- when I was younger and I lived in a country where they have bookstores that are open past 5pm, I used to be a manga hobo, which was awesome. I'd lunk around, reading Ramna1/2 and Clamp titles and every Sandman ever. It was great; I learned a lot from comics graphic novels. I was never into Marvel or DC, sadly, mostly because I thought they were, well, kinda lame. I didn't like the traditional comic style, or rather, the T&A club. Don't get me wrong, I love a fine lookin' woman as much as the next Humanoid, but, meh. Didn't too much.

Of course now, I have a soft spot for some X-men, or whatever which I keep a small stash off.

Mostly I am cheap, and cannot afford more comics.


What was I going to talk about here?

I'm sure I had some witty remark about a womens place in life. I'd of been a women placed in life for twenty-one years in 12 days or something, and so far the only problems I've found are with people who are Assholes. Sexism goes both ways, people.

But wait: boys are stupid. Let's throw rocks at them.



Larry said...

I'm glad you liked it!


madame said...

just have to make it stop saying 1 comments.